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Feld Direct is a full-service Branded DRTV agency and production company. We fuse the power of brand advertising and the selling logic of direct response to help clients acquire profitable customers today while building brand preference over time.

Working closely with our clients, we’re accountable for all response levers in-house—media, strategy, creative, and production—to achieve the best possible return per marketing dollar.

Having produced 1,500 TV spots and counting, we understand the path to Branded DRTV success—and how to get our clients there faster.



Increase ROI via on-air A/B testing

We create and produce affordable commercials so we can simultaneously test multiple creative executions on-air. This lets winning creative emerge faster and helps eliminate variables like seasonality and programming changes. We reallocate media spend accordingly and optimize daily—all to minimize risk, fast track time to success, and increase ROI.


Affordable and Engaging Content

Having our own in-house production company—Graphite Films—enables us to produce high quality, affordable commercials and integrated digital content.


Data Driven Decisions

Everything we do is data-driven. Our strategy starts with extensive MRI research on the target customer; we then identify top response-driving networks that best match target demographics. We source code each commercial to track creative and network performance and customize analytics and reporting to each client’s performance metrics. Results are tracked and monitored daily, to reallocate spend from under-performers to performers. Throughout the campaign, we continually test against control, with both media and creative, to lower cost per action and increase ROI.


Message Discovery

We collaborate with our clients when developing key messaging that’s most likely to resonate with their target. We take the time to get a thorough understanding of the target customer base by talking to key decision makers, sales teams, customers, and prospects.


Concept Development

We typically develop 4 to 6 storyboarded concepts with different approaches based on the same creative strategy. We then produce a minimum of 2 spots for A/B testing.


Creative Strategy

We combine insights, research, and data into a concise selling strategy to create messages that connect emotionally to the target and drive sales.


In-House Commercial Production

Our in-house production company, Graphite Films, delivers high quality productions across many categories, from financial services and healthcare to fashion & beauty. Typical creative and production timelines from client engagement to on-air is 7-8 weeks.



Services include editorial, color, sound, custom and needle drop music, spot customization, and encoding. Having these capabilities in-house enables us to make changes significantly faster and more cost effectively than traditional agencies.



Big Agency Experience

Feld Direct’s team of media experts have held senior titles at large agencies, but left to work with a smaller group of like-minded people that love to lead rather than follow, embrace media’s evolving landscape, and do the work rather than just oversee it.

Throughout all the promotions and industry accolades while working in large agencies, our biggest disappointment as we moved up the ladder was leaving behind the daily work and craft of media planning and buying. At Feld Direct we practice our craft and work closely with clients, helping to manifest their marketing vision into a media plan and buy that delivers profit to their bottom line.


Small Agency Flexibility

We take best practices we learned from working at large agencies and apply them to our client’s business.

We have worked at large agencies, learned and honed our craft over the years, and then brought that insight and expertise to Feld Direct. Here we can create a smaller, more flexible environment for our clients. Stretching our creativity doesn’t require senior management approval. Adopting a new practice or grabbing a new piece of technology doesn’t require a committee or a procurement department, or even a holding company manager to decide if it fits within rigid corporate guidelines. We are free to innovate, to help our clients grow, without the red tape.


Our buyers work with clients directly

Unlike other agencies, our buyers work directly with our clients and are in direct contact every day, so our turnaround time is fast.

Our buyers are organized by client and by network so clients get the best of both buying philosophies. Our investment manager collaborates directly with clients so that the buying decisions that are being made on accounts are transparent. We’re a strong advocate for clients in the media marketplace, representing the brand and securing the best media deals possible. By knowledgeably representing our clients to the network’s sales teams, our buyers create opportunities such as sponsorships, opportunistic pricing, even custom programming.


We are independent

We are not bound to a holding company’s bottom line. We are free to reinvest revenue back into our business so it directly impacts our clients’ business.

Large media companies often have different financial agendas, whether it’s breaking into a new foreign market or simply funneling the revenue to shore up an office that is struggling. None of that happens at Feld Direct. The revenue is reinvested into the media people, the research, and the tools that our clients need.


Future of media

We lean into the new types of media and embrace the changes that are impacting our industry as a revenue generating opportunity for our clients.

The media landscape is shifting, and we embrace the changes that are occurring. There is more opportunity today to develop a meaningful relationship with a potential customer than ever in the history of our industry due to the impact of new media. Once we establish a strong connection between the target audience and the media type, we weave the program into the media campaign. We were early adopters of addressable media. We work with online video, and we embrace new forms of radio. Our digital practice has shifted with the rapid-fire changes to paid digital, all to the benefit of our clients.


Branded Response

We acquire profitable customers today while building brand preference over time

Feld Direct is masterful at creating commercials that not only drive results, but deliver a brand look and feel that extends the life of each campaign. The media department is no different. We embrace both brand and direct response, and our planners and buyers are experts in both disciplines in order to drive sales while simultaneously building the long term value of a brand.


Largest DRTV agency in Northern California

Our San Francisco office is in the prestigious Letterman Digital Arts Center in the Presidio, with additional media staff in Chicago and New York.

We have grown up among the entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley, and because of the types of clients on our roster, we have been early adopters of website analytics applied to offline media.


Distributive planning

Our planning efforts are focused on accountable media that will provide the most qualified leads at the best ROI.

Our media team uses performance goals as an integral part of the planning process. Instead of just scattering client test dollars over a large list of networks that rely on historical performance data, we use the latest media planning tools, such as MRI segmentation analysis, to match actual target demographics to network demographics. This enables us to focus our test budget on fewer networks that have the greatest chance of success out of the gate.


Dedicated media analyst team

We believe in the importance of measurement and the science of optimization, so we created our own team of analysts that work with our clients.

Unlike other agencies that just relegate analytics to an assistant buyer and provide a client with one spreadsheet that rolls up results, we provide our clients with insight and understanding of the data that we work with every day. We dig into the data together and provide insight and optimization visualized through Tableau on desktop or mobile devices. This results in a level of transparency that we feel is critical for our industry.

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